A Living Faith


Friendship and Freedom


The fist meetings of the community which was to become the Denmark Congregational Church were held in the home of  Mr. William and Mrs. Clarissa Davis on July 5th 1829. 

They gathered in a traditional New England cape overlooking Granger Pond on the cow path that was to become Bush Row Road.  From there they moved to the Town House, then  the School House and finally in 1834 to the building we still occupy. 

Today we are a diverse multi generational congregation.   We have a Woman's Fellowship, a Choir, an adult study class, a youth group, an adult hiking group, a confirmation class, and a Sunday School. 


We are committed to living out a common ministry of caring, compassion, and proclamation in Denmark and the surrounding communities. 

Our recently revised bylaws tell the story this way.

“The 1830 covenant by which this Church exists as a distinct body, and which we affirm is as follows:

'Devoutly acknowledging our dependence upon God, as a congregation of Christians gathered together in fellowship in His name and with His word to guide us, we do now solemnly covenant to associate ourselves to be a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We promise to follow Christ's leadership, laboring for the progress of knowledge, the promotion of justice, the reign of peace and the realization of human brotherhood. To this end we promise to share Christ's gifts of our abilities and our possessions for the promotion of his work through this church.'

We believe ours to be a living faith and to that end we live out that original covenant by joining with one another to grow in faith, friendship and freedom.


The Denmark Congregational Church is committed to working with others to make the world a better place.  Our confirmation classes emphasize service to others and membership in the broader human family.  We respond to the calls of people in need in our community and throughout the world.  We take a special missions collection every time we gather at the table for communion.  In addition to this, the Woman's Fellowship gives liberally to a large number of local, national and international missions.  Missions efforts have included Heifer Project International, The International Rescue Committee of the UN, The Red Cross. Brownfield Food Pantry, Opportunity Farm for Boys and Girls, American Red Cross, Community Concepts fuel assistance, and many other worthy causes.


If the walls of the sanctuary could talk one of the things they might say is that the church has always been growing.  Sometimes we grow in number and sometimes we grow in spirit.  Both are important for the health of the individual and the community.  These days we grow through our Worship services, our confirmation classes, our Woman’s Fellowship, Kerygma class and of course the love we share with one another and our world.  If you feel like growing in faith, friendship and freedom, come join us!